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In today’s dynamic work environment, appreciation through Reward & Recognition is more important than ever. 80% of the employees would feel more valued for their work when receiving rewards from their employer.

Gifts can be anything from physical items to experiences. The power of experiences as gifts in Rewards & Recognition programs lies in their ability to cater to individual preferences, whether it’s wellbeing, food & wine, adventure, or lifestyle experiences.

At We Wander, we understand the value of these experiences. We offer unique Experience Gift solutions, providing a range of prepaid experiences that allow employees to choose based on their interests.

When One-fifth (20%) of employees looking for a new job want better reward, incentives or recognition from their employer, recognition through such personalised experiences not only increases satisfaction and productivity but also contributes significantly to organisational success. Therefore, strategies like experience-based rewards are not just beneficial, they are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Remember, a happy employee is a productive employee, and at We Wander, we strive to create that happiness.



Looking for a Reward or Loyalty program to strengthen your bond with your team or your customers?

Give them an VIP access to Exclusive Experiences, special rates on Hotels, Restaurants, Cinemas and many more.

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Elevate Your Corporate Culture with Memorable Experiences

At We Wander, we understand the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the hard work and achievements of your team members. Our bespoke experience gifts are designed to provide meaningful recognition that resonates with your corporate values and leaves a lasting impression.

10 Best Gift Ideas for Employee Rewards and Recognition

Employee recognition is essential for fostering a positive work environment and motivating team members. Beyond monetary bonuses, consider these creative and meaningful gift options to show appreciation:

1. The Gift of Time

  • Flexible Work Hours: Allow employees to choose their work hours occasionally. This flexibility can enhance work-life balance and reduce stress.
  • Extra Paid Time Off (PTO): Offer additional vacation days or personal leave. Time away from work is a valuable reward.

2. Charitable Contributions

  • Donations in Their Name: Contribute to a charity or cause that aligns with the employee’s values. This gesture shows empathy and social responsibility.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities during work hours.

3. Individual Experiences

  • Customised Experiences: Personalise rewards based on individual interests. Consider Movie tickets or Wine and Dine experiences or Spa treatments.
  • Wellness Vouchers & Gift Cards: Offer the gift of wellness, Massages, Pampering, Floatation therapies and more...

4. Wellness Gifts

  • In-Office Wellness Experiences: Arrange on-site yoga sessions, meditation workshops, or massage days.
  • Wellness Care Packs: Curate wellness kits with items like essential oils, stress balls, and healthy snacks.

5. Group Events

  • Team-Building Activities: Organize team outings, escape room challenges, or sports events.
  • Lunch or Dinner Gatherings: Treat the entire team to a meal at a local restaurant.

6. Professional Development

  • Conference Tickets: Invest in their growth by covering the cost of attending industry conferences.
  • Online Course Subscriptions: Provide access to online learning platforms.

7. Flexible gifts

  • Experience Collections: Leave the choice to the recipient, you choose your budget, they choose their gift.
  • Gift Cards: Gift cards are always a great option, .

8. Personalised gift & Branded Gifts

  • Personalises Gift: Show your consideration, personalise the gift to each employee with a photo or video a message. We Wander can help with this.
  • Branded present: Consider branded t-shirts, cap, mug, they have worked hard for your company, thay will appreciate wearing its colours.

9. Recognition Awards

  • Certificates or Trophies: Acknowledge outstanding performance with tangible awards.
  • Wall of Fame: Create a display showcasing employee achievements.

10. Surprise Celebrations & Getaways

  • Random Acts of Appreciation: Unexpected treats like coffee deliveries, surprise lunches, or handwritten thank-you notes.
  • Weekend away with their plus one: Don’t forget the most important person in their life and treat them with a weekend away to share with the ones they love.

Remember, the best rewards go beyond material value they convey genuine appreciation and inspire continued excellence. Tailor your gifts to each employee’s preferences, make it flexible so they can choose what they want, make it memorable and watch their motivation soar!


Why Choose We Wander for Your Corporate Rewards?

  • Tailored Experiences: From adrenaline-fueled adventures to relaxing retreats, we offer a wide range of experiences to match any preference.
  • Volume Discounts: We provide attractive discounts for bulk orders, making it easy to reward your entire team.
  • Customization: Personalize the gifting experience with branded packaging and personalized messages.
  • Hassle-Free Redemption: Our streamlined redemption process ensures a smooth experience for your recipients.
  • Dedicated Support: Our corporate gifting specialists are here to assist you every step of the way.

How does We Wander Corporate Gift for Reward & Recognition works?

  • Select Your Experience or a Collection of Experiences: Browse our curated selection and choose the perfect experiences or Collection of Experiences for your team.
  • Choose your format:
  • Customize Your Gifts: Add a personal touch with custom messages and branding.
  • Place Your Order: Contact our corporate sales team to finalize your order with ease.
  • Deliver Smiles: We’ll take care of the rest, ensuring your gifts are delivered and ready to create memorable moments.

What unique rewards and recognition services does We Wander offer for corporate clients in major Australian cities?

We Wander offers a diverse range of curated experience gifts perfect for corporate rewards, available in major cities including Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Our services cater to corporate needs with volume discounts, customisable options, and a user-friendly booking process.

Our Corporate Reward and Recognition services includes unique personalised Corporate Gifts, Wellness and Wellbeing Experiences, Group Experiences and Group events including Team Building activities.

Can Corporate gifts from We Wander be personalised for each recipient within a corporate rewards program?

Definitely! We Wander believes in the power of personalisation to make each reward truly special. We provide various customisation options, including personalised messages and fully branded packaging, to ensure each gift reflects your company’s appreciation.

We don’t have any minimum order quantity and can start personalising your Rewards & Gifts from one unit.

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Digital gift

Themed Gift box

(Your present is delivered to you by email, and you send it to your giftee)

- You will receive the digital gift in your mailbox automatically after you completed your order.
- The digital gift contains a link to the Experience e-box, send the e-box to your gift recipient's email address when you like, on the day that counts the most.
Ideal for last-minute gifts!

Your present is shipped to the postal address of your choice. 

- Get this gift delivered to the delivery address of your choice. You will be able to choose from several shipping options at checkout.
- This format of present will allow you to add a nice gift wrap as well as a personalised sleeve as an option at the cart page.

Standard Australia Post delivery is free.
Get your gift delivered express in 2 business days for $10 (delivery option checkout).

Birthday Cover

Limited Art Edition

(Get a unique birthday cover for you birthday gift. We prepare and ship it to the postal address of your choice)

Offer a one-of-a-kind birthday gift with this cover as unique as your recipient.

Standard Australia Post delivery is free.
Get your gift delivered express in 2 business days for $10 (delivery option checkout).

(Limited Edition Art Series now available across all Experience Gift Boxes. We prepare and ship it to the postal address of your choice)

Gift this Christmas a We Wander Experience Gift Box with a limited edition art cover by Grimm-Hewitt, and WilsonPayne.

Standard Australia Post delivery is free.
Get your gift delivered express in 2 business days for $10 (delivery option checkout).